Introductory Philosophy Course

MansionPhilosophy Works! A free 10-week introductory course

An Introduction to Practical Philosophy

Life is challenging. Fortunes can rise and fall. With wisdom and self-knowledge, the inevitable uncertainties of life can be met intelligently and creatively.

The principles learned and applied in this course will bring you clarity, happiness and freedom, regardless of external circumstances.

Course Content

  • Is wisdom within?
  • Two practical exercises in awareness
  • Levels of awareness
  • A life guided by lasting principles
  • Living consciously and purposefully
  • Observation and the spirit of inquiry
  • Self-knowledge
  • What am I, in truth?
  • Increasing the power of attention
  • The ego and its rule
  • Beauty within and without
  • A remedy for negative feelings
  • Justice and injustice
  • Discovering unity in diversity



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