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Meditation is a key practice in the School. Meditation has the power to cultivate inner stillness and peace within anyone, helping him or her discover unity behind and through diversity.

After several terms of study in the School, students are invited to take up meditation and taught how to make it a daily practice.

A simple method of mantra-based meditation is used, designed to be of practical value in everyday life.  A single word or sound is repeated gently in the mind for two periods each day while sitting on a chair in some quiet place.  This involves no physical contortions, chanting or complex mental procedures.

Those practicing this form of meditation find it gradually brings about inner peace, harmony and clarity of mind.  It also releases finer energy for practical use in daily life.

Meditation does not replace philosophical study in the School.  Rather, it enhances the student’s capacity to explore more deeply, in direct experience, the principles of practical philosophy that the School espouses.


“Meditation is what makes any individual steady, peaceful and capable, because he finds his way to the Self, which is limitless, and holds all the treasury which the world is aware of.”

Maharaja Shri Shantananda Saraswati


846 Borden Circle

Wallkill, NY 12589