Advaita Philosophy


Inner Peace

The philosophic inquiry and study in the School is directed towards the understanding of the unity that underlies everyone and everything. The philosophy is known as Advaita Philosophy (Advaita is a Sanskrit word which means “not two”). The essence of Advaita Philosophy is that in the ultimate analysis there is no difference between human consciousness and the universal creative consciousness, and that practical realization of this unity is possible through reason. Advaita Philosophy is the basis of the School’s principal and secondary aims.

A question often asked is whether Advaita Philosophy is a religion. Advaita is a philosophy only and not a religion.  It does not have its own particular god or deity, nor does it have a set of accompanying ceremonies or rituals directed towards any god or deity.  This tradition was not initiated by any particular authority.  It never became a religion; therefore, it has never engaged in conversion from any religion.

Advaita Philosophy offers the possibility of enriching one’s own tradition and consequently does not conflict with any particular faith or belief.  The unifying and inclusive embrace of Advaita Philosophy is far removed from association with any particular religious practice.


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